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Terraresponds to the original vocation of Trilogis: the Geographic Information System. With Terra3 different solutions, created over time in the context of urban and regional planning, are finally organized organically. Spatial planning is complex and varied exactly as the territories that we must manage are and, the demand that is constantly placed by the customer is to be able to adapt to databases, logic, rules and laws that are always different and particular.

The answer that Terra3 gives is a solid know-how, a deep understanding of the domain and a strong adaptability gained in many contexts in which we developed our technologies. That’s why we do not just think about products but rather than to solutions. The important thing is to consider that, in this area, there is no a definitive product that can be resolutive but rather, sticking to the latest technology, it’s fundamental underlining and using all the experience gained in years of work alongside customers, each one with a particular need.

Finally, it is important to emphasize that Terra3 is applicable to many aspects of territorial management: from the administrative and planning management to forest planning or for the purpose of Civil Defense authorities. All aspects for which there are specific solutions.


TerPlan has born as a result of the need of the Public Administration in order to have a modern tool for improving efficiency in the procedures of delivery, treatment, testing, updating and visualization o data and cartographic bases concerning urban and landscaping planning, in its various components. The system, through the configuration environment, allows to extend the application field to cartographic bases belonging to other areas of territory planning\management.


TerLead is enterprise-level solution for public administrations to manage their urban plans.

A front-end designed for the professionals in charge to define urban plans. A back-end used to manage the administrative processes related to filing of documents by the professionals. A WebGIS used to access geographical information related to the plans.

TerView - Copia

TerView is a cost-effective easy-to-customise web-based client that can be used to allow access to variety of different repositories of geographical data through interoperable standards from the Open Geospatial Consortium – OGC®